Adapter for Japan - What plug adapter do I need for Japan?

Power adapters for Japan

If packing for a trip to Japan it can be helpful to know if you can use any common electrical devices like cell phones or tablets when you're there. Without knowing which power socket is being used you may pack the wrong power charger, therefore leaving you needing to buy or borrow a suitable adaptor when you need to recharge. Various combinations of voltages and sockets can often be daunting when planning to visit a new country, especially to the first time traveller. This isn't as complicated as it appears, with only a handful of different types of sockets used throughout the world this guide tells you exactly what you'll need in advance to power your electronics in Japan. This page has links to step by step instructions which shows exactly how to supply power to your devices when staying in Japan using the Type B or A Japanese 100 volt 60Hz power outlets, you'll find a majority of Japanese typically use Type B power outlets. Power adapters are different from country to country so we suggest reading the Wikiconnections world power adapters guide where you'll find a full list showing destinations.

What is the best power adapter for Japan?

The best power adapter for Japan is a Type B plug adapter which is suitable for powering any 100 volt device or appliance. [2] [AD]

What is the best power adapter for Japan?

What is a power adapter?

Power adapters are compact and lightweight plastic adapters which allow a Japanese power outlet to accept a power plug from an appliance from a foreign country.

Also known as: an electrical adapter, plug adapter, travel adapter, electrical adaptor, mains travel adapter or power adaptor[3]

Do I need a power adapter for Japan?

It will depend on where you are travelling from and the shape of plug you are using.

Will a power adapter change the voltage in Japan?

No - a power adapter only adapts the shape of a plug to fit into a 100 volt Japanese power outlet and is unable to convert the power to a higher voltage. If you need to safely use a 220-240 volt appliance you will also need to bring a more expensive step up power converter for Japan along with the right adapter.

What does a power adapter for a Japanese power outlet do?

A power adapter enables visitors from another country to use their electronic and electrical appliances in Japan simply by altering the shape of the power plug to fit the power socket.

Where to buy a power adapter for Japan in the UK

Power adapters for sale in an airport

Where to buy a power adapter for Japan in the UK

Japan to UK power adapters will most likely be available to buy in the UK from airports such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Manchester, Stansted, Luton, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Birmingham prior to departure, however the range of adapters might be limited to popular destinations. It is recommended to research the exact type of adapter required prior to shopping at the airport. Look in the travel accessories section of airport newsagents, electronic stores and pharmacists such as WH Smith, Dixons or Boots but expect to pay 50% more than regular prices.

It will be more convenient and cheaper to buy the correct power adapter in advance of your trip. UK high street electrical shops, newsagents and chemists such as Currys PC World, WH Smith or Boots normally typically only sell popular types of travel adapters covering a limited number of countries however for widest choice it is recommended to buy a power adapter online. In January 2019 we checked 2 high street branches of WH Smiths without seeing any power adapters available to purchase and 1 branch of Boots only had a pack of European adapters available.

Where to buy a power adapter in Japan

Arriving at an airport

Where to buy a power adapter in Japan

On arrival power adapters could be found in local electrical high street shops and drug stores, but always check the build quality first as safety standards might be different in a foreign country as this is important when dealing with electrical goods. Keep in mind that a shopping trip searching for power adapters in an unknown location might be impractical, especially as this needs to happen quickly before batteries run out.

Hotel receptions could have a power adapter for sale, hire or as a complimentary extra for guests; however, availability is normally limited and a hotel might not have the exact type required for your country. If in doubt, call ahead to the hotel first and request a reservation as it is unlikely that an adapter will be found in your room on arrival.

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