SIM cards for the iPhone 3GS, using your iPhone abroad and what you can connect to the iPhone.

iPhone 3GSA guide for using the the iPhone smartphone overseas, different SIM card options and how to connect to a growing collection of Bluetooth speakers. Nano, Micro and Mini SIM cards can be adapted to use in your iPhone 3GS, this page highlights how to adapt each SIM card to use in the iPhone.This is a list of 6 bluetooth devices which are compatible with the iPhone 3GS and links to articles on how to connect them together.

Charging the iPhone 3GS

Which charger should I use with an iPhone 3GS?

If you want to use an iPhone 3GS in America then you only need a USB power adapter such as Type A USB charger. If you are travelling abroad this is dependent on which country you wish to charge your iPhone 3GS, as different power outlets are used in different countries. Please refer to our section on using the Apple iPhone 3GS abroad and select the country you will be visiting for full instructions on the right power charger. [2] [AD]

Which type of cable is compatible with an iPhone 3GS?

You will need to use a USB to Apple 30 pin cable to power an iPhone 3GS, this connects from a USB power adapter to the dock connector located on the bottom of the iPhone 3GS. Apple will have supplied your iPhone 3GS with a 30 Pin cable, you can purchase a spare (for use in your car, at work or travelling for example) online by searching for a USB to Apple 30 pin cable[3] [AD]

Can you use my Apple iPhone 3GS while charging?

Yes, an iPhone 3GS can be used while charging. However the charging time may take longer than the normal 2 hours charge time.

Can I use the Apple iPhone 3GS USB power charger to recharge another electronic device?

Yes it is possible to power your other cell phones providing they allow charging with a USB port.

Where can I find the charging port on the Apple iPhone 3GS?

You'll find the dock connector (also known as the charging port) on the bottom of the iPhone 3GS.

iPhone 3 SIM cards

Where can I find the SIM card on an iPhone 3GS?

The SIM card slot is found on the top of the phone in the headphone jack and the power button. [4]

How can I remove an iPhone 3GS SIM card?

  1. First turn off the power the iPhone 3GS.
  2. Then locate the SIM card slot located on the top of the iPhone 3GS inbetween the power button and the headphone jack.
  3. Press a paperclip, pin or the SIM-ejection tool supplied with the iPhone 3GS into the hole next to the SIM card tray.
  4. Pop open the SIM card tray.
  5. You can now insert or swap the SIM card.
  6. Slide the SIM tray firmly back into the iPhone 3GS.
  7. Finally turn on the power on the iPhone 3GS.

What size SIM card does an iPhone 3GS take?

The Apple iPhone 3GS takes a Mini SIM card, this is 25mm long x 15mm wide. [5]

Will a Nano SIM card work in an iPhone 3GS?

A Nano-SIM card can work with the Apple iPhone 3GS simply by using a Nano to Mini SIM card adapter. However we recommend using a SIM card adapter kit for your Apple iPhone 3GS for around the same price as these include three different sized adapters which will adapt all SIM card sizes for all phones making them the most cost effective and future proof product.  [6] [7] [AD]

Can I use a Micro SIM card in the Apple iPhone 3GS?

You will to use a Micro to Mini SIM card adapter that will allow you to insert a Micro SIM card in an iPhone 3GS. Once again, if you need to use different sized SIM cards in different phones it costs around the same to purchase a SIM card adapter kit as these contain 3 different sized adapters to allow all types of phones to accept any SIM card sizes.  [7] [8] [AD]

Can you use a standard Mini SIM card in the Apple iPhone 3GS?

The Apple iPhone 3GS will work with a standard sized Mini SIM without the need for a SIM converter.

How does a SIM adapter work?

A SIM adapter or SIM card converter allows you to insert a smaller card into the adapter, the adapter can then be inserted into a slot in any device designed for a larger SIM card. Inserting a smaller SIM card into the adapter will increase the size so it can accurately fit to align the contacts on the card to touch the phone pins.

What can I connect to the iPhone 3GS

Beats Pill speakers which can connect to the iPhone 3GS

Jabra Bluetooth speakers which are compatible with the iPhone 3GS

Using your iPhone 3GS abroad

Select from one of the list of countries below to find out how to use the iPhone 3GS in that location:
Using the iPhone 3GS abroad

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Using the iPhone 3GS in South America

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