Beats Pill charger and charging guide - what to do if your Beats Pill won't turn on, won't charge or keeps disconnecting.

Beats Pill

The 2012 Beats Pill Bluetooth speaking is still widely found in households and is used to play audio from cell phones, tablets and computers. This page covers a number of topics including Beats Pill chargers, what to do when the Beats Pill won't turn on, Beats Pill battery problems, replacing the Beats Pill battery, charging the Beats Pill, choosing the right charger cable and common Beats Pill connection issues.

This page also covers using a Beats Pill abroad, if you are unsure which Beats Pill charger to use please refer to our travel section for a full list of destinations - selecting any country will give you a comprehensive set of instructions on which power adapter to bring. There are also a number of separate pages containing instructions on how to connect the Beats Pill to cell phones, Samsung phones, Apple iPhones and iPads.

Beats Pill chargers

Which Beat Pill charger should I use?

Any USB charger should be suitable for charging a Beats Pill, however it is more practical to use a 4 port USB travel charger as a Beats Pill charger replacement because it allows you to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Owners of Bluetooth speakers will also need a mobile phone, MP3 player or tablet to stream music to the speaker and these devices will also all need their own individual chargers. By using a 4 port USB travel charger which can charge up to 4 devices at the same time you'll avoid the need for separate chargers which are bulky to transport and also occupy the space of additional wall power outlets. [2] [AD]

What is the best Beats Pill travel charger?

If you intend to travel abroad the best Beats Pill charger to use will be a multiple USB port charger which includes swappable plugs such as a 4 port USB travel charger. As these types of chargers are supplied with interchangeable plugs and handle from 100 volts - 240 volts will mean you can travel to over 100 countries in North America, Europe, Asia and Africa simply by switching the included heads over. There are some countries which have less commonly used power outlets, please see the section on using a Beats Pill abroad for a complete list of countries with suitable travel chargers.

By only needing to pack a single lightweight travel charger this will keep the size and weight down, making it perfect to fold up and store in hand baggage and suitable for topping up your phone or tablet at an airport or on a plane. Due to their versatility these types of chargers can be used back at home so when you're not travelling they can sit under your bedside table charging multiple smartphones and tablets without needing an additional power outlet. If your mobile phones and tablets support Fast Charge then you'll benefit from much quicker recharging times with one of these types of travel chargers.

We recommend searching for a multi-port USB mains charger; the travel charger illustrated here is the 4 Port USB Wall Charger which has been successfully tested for powering both the Beats Pill along with other USB devices in numerous different countries around the world reliably. The 4 port USB travel charger is the most compact option for travellers from any country wanting to recharge devices via USB, but for those also wishing to use their domestic plugs these power adapters provide larger but more versatile solutions. All three power strips offer surge protection which can be useful for travellers to counties with unstable power grids to prevent damage to any connected appliances. These travel converters are supplied with interchangeable type C, I and G plugs which cover over 150 countries around the world:

  • BESTEK Portable International Travel Voltage Converter - The BESTEK travel converter has 4 USB charging ports with 3 AC power outlets and is the bestselling portable option for tourists from America.
  • ORICO Traveling Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip - Likewise having 4 USB ports but only 2 AC power outlets the travel adapter from Orico is also aimed at travellers originating from North America using type B plugs and gives practically the same functionality as the BESTEK with just one less AC outlet at almost half price.
  • BESTEK International USB Travel Power Strip - The Yobi has just 2 USB charging ports but offers a more flexible 6 AC outlets. This versatile power strip is compatible with both American plugs and popular plug types A, B, E, F, G and I making it perfect for most travellers from around the world. [2] [AD]
What is the best Beats Pill travel charger?

How to charge a Beats Pill without the charger

It is possible to charge the Beats Pill without the power adapter by connecting the USB micro cable into any device with a USB port such as a laptop, TV, PC, Mac or games console. Depending on the device you might find that this method charges slower than using the supplied power charger.  [3] [3] [AD]

Turning on the Beats Pill

How to turn on a Beats Pill

Beats Pill power button

How to turn on a Beats Pill

You can turn a Beats Pill on by pressing the power button once, this is located the top of the Bluetooth speaker. The Beats Pill 'b' below the power button will glow and you should hear a tone to indicate the speaker is working. [4]

How to turn off a Beats Pill

The Beats Pill can be turned off with a single press to the power button on the top of the device.

What should I do when the Beats Pill wont turn on?

Make sure that the battery isn't flat and check that the volume on both the speaker and your device isn't low or off. Your batteries might need replacing or the power adaptor might not be working so try using another USB power source to check if this is the problem.

What can I do if my Beats Pill wont turn on without a charger?

If your Beats Pill speaker will only turn when plugged into the charger then this suggests that the battery may be unable to hold a charge. This is more likely to happen on older units, if you are finding this is happening on a new Beats Pill we recommend checking to see if your speaker is still covered under warranty. If you are unable to get this repaired under warranty your two choices are to just use your Beats Pill plugged into the mains or purchase a Beats Pill replacement battery[5] [AD]

Charging the Beats Pill

What charger cable is used to recharge the Beats Pill?

Beats Pill charging cable

What charger cable is used to recharge the Beats Pill?

A USB 2.0 A Male to Micro B cable is used to connect a USB port or USB power adapter to the Beats Pill which should be supplied when purchasing the speaker. It is common for these cables to be supplied with a number of other USB devices, so it is possible to use a charging cable from another device with the Beats Pill - if not search online for an affordable USB micro cable[3] [AD]

How to charge a Beats Pill

You can recharge a Beats Pill from a power outlet by using the supplied adapter or plugging into any device with a USB port with a USB micro cable. Visit the page Power your Pill for further information from the manufacturer on charging your Bluetooth speaker.  [3] [6] [AD]

How long does it take to charge a Beats Pill?

It takes approximately 3.5 hours to recharge the battery on the Beats Pill from completely empty.

How do you know if the Beats Pill is fully charged?

The USB port on the speaker will blink red during charging and will then glow green when the speaker has been recharged to full capacity.

How can I charge the Beats Pill abroad?

If you are planning on using your Beats Pill abroad we've put together instructions on which power adaptor you'll need to use to charge your speaker in another country. Look at our power supplies section for country-specific instructions on charging your Beats Pill in Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America.

We also recommend protecting your speaker with a travel case for the Beats Pill, due to the fragile nature of the speaker it's advisable to protect it from knocks, scratches and damage when travelling abroad. [7] [AD]

Beats Pill battery problems

Can I replace the battery on the Beats Pill?

Beats Pill replacement battery

Can I replace the battery on the Beats Pill?

Yes, it is possible to replace the batteries in the Beats Pill however these aren't designed to be easily swappable and will require dismantling the unit. If your Beats Pill speaker wont turn on without a charger, it is no longer covered under warranty and you need to change the battery then you can order a Beats Pill 1.0 Li-ion replacement battery online. [5] [AD]

How can I replace the battery on the Beats Pill?

You will need to purchase a 1850mAh 3.7V Beats Pill replacement battery, disassemble the Beats Pill and swap batteries over. This will involve the use of a screwdriver to dismantle the Beats Pill, wire cutters to remove the dead battery and soldering iron to attach the new battery to the motherboard. Helpful illustrated step-by-step instructions are available on the iFixIt battery replacement guide. If you are unsure we recommend taking this to a local electronics repair shop who should be able to perform the procedure.  [5] [8] [AD]

How long does the battery last on the Beats Pill?

After the battery has been fully charged you should expect between 6 to 7 hours of music playback. Battery life may be shorter depending on how loud the volume is and the age of the battery.

What is the lifespan of the Beats Pill battery?

The lifespan of a Beats Pill battery can depend on how often you use it. If you find that the Beats Pill battery life is significantly shorter and doesn't hold it's charge then you can purchase a Beats Pill replacement battery. When purchasing a replacement battery look for an included warranty of at least 6 months which will ensure that your Beats Pill will continue to function properly during that period. [5] [AD]

Connecting the Beats Pill

How to pair a Beats Pill

Beats Pill pairing button

How to pair a Beats Pill

  1. To pair Beats Pill speakers to phones, tablets, computers or other Bluetooth devices first turn on the Beats Pill by holding down the power button at the top of the speaker.
  2. After turning on the power on the Beats Pill press and hold the 'b' for around 3 seconds until the Bluetooth LED located at the rear of the Pill blinks white. This indicates that the Bluetooth speaker is in pairing mode and ready for your device to connect.
  3. Switch on Bluetooth on the device you wish the pair with and search for the Beats Pill. Select the Beats Pill from the list of discovered devices.
  4. When the speaker has been paired the Bluetooth LED on the Beats Pill will stop flashing and glow white, you'll also hear a tone from the device. [9]

How to turn on Bluetooth on the Beats Pill

Unless you have connected a device using a cable Bluetooth will automatically turn on and connect to the most recent device when you power up the speaker. You can turn the active Bluetooth connection off however by holding down the b button for 3 seconds.

Why won't my Beats Pill speakers connect?

Make sure that both devices are within 30 feet or closer when trying to connect with Bluetooth. If possible, try pairing within a few feet to ensure that distance or interference isn't causing the connection to fail.

Why does my Beats Pill keep disconnecting?

If your Beats Pill keeps disconnecting ensure that other Bluetooth devices, routers, cordless telephones or microwaves aren't affecting the signal.

Can a Beats Pill be used with any phone?

You can you use a Beats Pill speaker with any mobile phone which supports either Bluetooth A2DP audio streaming or has a headphone jack. A majority of modern Smartphones support this Bluetooth functionality and also have a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Can the Beats Pill connect to multiple devices?

The Beats Pill speaker can remember up to eight Bluetooth devices, each time it is turned on it will attempt to connect with the most recent. The next time you can turn on the Bluetooth speaker and it will automatically connect without needing to pair again, just turn on both devices and wait for the Bluetooth LED to glow white.

How to connect the Beats Pill to the iPhone

Depending on which iPhone you own will depend on how to connect to the Beats Pill, see our list of how to connect your specific iPhone to the Beats Pill.

How to connect the Beats Pill to the iPad

This depends on the Apple iPad model as different versions of iOS have different Bluetooth connection instructions. Refer to the list of compatible iPads for Beats Pill for the exact pairing instructions.

Does the Beats Pill work with Android?

Yes. Follow the pairing instructions on this page to set up the speaker for pairing mode. Then go to the Settings section on your Android phone or table, choose Wireless and Networks then tap Bluetooth settings. Make sure the box next to Bluetooth is turned on and a list of nearby Bluetooth devices will appear. Then tap the Beats Pill speaker to connect.

In the future WikiConnections will be providing specific instructions on individual Android mobile phones and tablets.

How to turn up or down the Beats Pill volume

You can either use the volume buttons up (+) and down (-) on the speaker or control the volume on your Bluetooth device. Some phones such as the iPhone will mirror the volume levels when altering the levels on Bluetooth speakers.

What can I connect to a Beats Pill

Mobile phones that can connect to the Beats Pill

Apple iPhones that work with a Beats Pill

Samsung Galaxy phones that work with a Beats Pill

A list of Apple iPads which are compatible with a Beats Pill

Using your Beats Pill abroad

Select from one of the list of countries below to discover how to use your Beats Pill in that country:
Using the Beats Pill abroad

Using a Beats Pill in Africa

Using a Beats Pill in Asia

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Using a Beats Pill in North America

Using a Beats Pill in Oceania

Using a Beats Pill in South America

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